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    Jim Kernan
    NYC Based Digital Development, Analytics, and Marketing
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    Web and Mobile Development
    Rails, iOS, and Wordpress
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    Digital Analytics
    Custom planning, implementation, and analysis
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    Digital Marketing
    SEO, SEM, social, content and email

Want to discuss your project?

My freelance work ranges from developing entire applications and marketing systems to one-off requests. Simply fill out the form below and I'd be happy to discuss options with you.

My Expertise

I pride myself in having a diverse set of skills that make an immediate impact on businesses. Not only can I work through key points of your digital strategy and marketing, but I can also write the code and copy to implement those ideas.

ruby on rails
business intelligence

My Services

In English, not Tech Talk

My experience ranges from technical implementations to the softer, creative skills within marketing.


E-commerce can be a challenge. From selecting the right platform to managing inventory to understanding your return on advertising spend, there is a lot to handle. I do custom builds, analytics implementations, and manage advertising.

User Behavior

This is often the most overlooked item with the digital space, yet quite possibly the most crucial to success. Tracking user behavior properly leads to successful marketing campaigns, better products, and more revenue.

Mobile Development

I build mobile apps that work on all devices - no longer do you need to double your work with iOS and Android.

Operational Audits

The best way to make decisions about your business is with current and accurate information. Without integrated systems, this is not possible. I build new or connect existing systems to give management a view of business operations that is real-time.

Web Development

I build custom sites that integrate with your business. Technology for the sake of technology doesn't work. Our products impact your bottom line.


With deep technical knowledge, I will walk you and your business through the pros and cons of various strategies that focus on long-term success with short-term impact.


Search engine optimization takes patience and diligence. I have competed and won in the most competitive of spaces.


I've managed Adwords budgets in excess of $200,000.


Well, you can't be good at everything. I contract out design work, but have a vast network to fit your aesthetic.

Business Intelligence

Custom built visualizations of the key metrics that impact decisions you make on your business.


Get your emails opened and read. I've run successful campaigns sending as many as 100,000 daily emails.


Experienced in running paid and content campaigns on all social platforms.


From start-ups to enterprise, I've worked with a variety of different clients across industries